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Burns Night is a unique Scottish occasion. It celebrates the life and work of our national bard and our identity as Scots.

It is a precious night, honoured with a magnificent feast - the Burns Supper.

A Burns supper has one essential food - the Haggis - traditionally carried into the gathering accompanied by a piper. Apart from the compulsory Haggis, the food at a Burns Supper is reasonably flexible, although it should rely heavily on traditional Scottish cookery.

The menu we offer here offers suggestions to some traditional Scottish foods used in Burns Suppers in the past.

Burns Supper - First Course Options

Depending how grand the occasion and the number of guests, you could offer just one of these first course options or all of them.

Cock-a-leekie | Scotch Broth | Venison Collops | Scotch Beef Collops with Onions

Burns Supper - The Haggis and Accompaniments

Haggis | Stewed Onions | Mashed Turnips / Neeps | Mashed Potatoes / Chappit Tatties | Green Pease

Burns Supper - Sweet Options

Plum Pudding | Calves' Feet Jelly

Cock-a-leekie | Scotch Broth (Mutton) | Scotch Broth (Beef) | Hare Soup or Bawd Bree | Wholesome Stock / Broth | Stovers / Stovies | Lorne Sausage | Rook Pie | Poached Salmon | Scotch Hotch Potch | Haggis | Plum Pudding | White Puddings / Mealie Puddings | Liver Puddings | Rice Pudding | Traditional Scotch Shortbread | Petticoat Tails | Basic Scottish Shortbread | Venison Collops | Scotch Beef Collops with Onions | Stewed Onions Mashed Turnips | Mashed Potatoes / Chappit Tatties | Green Pease | Links | Calves' Feet Jelly | Mixed Spices |

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